Hi. I'm Alex Garibay.

I'm a full-stack developer from Kansas City and Elixir enthusiast.

Creating a Prelaunch Email List With SendGrid and Phoenix

Create your new landing page today and start capturing emails on your prelaunch list with SendGrid and Phoenix.

Upload Files to S3 With Phoenix and Ex_Aws

Uploading files S3 is almost a requirement for any modern web application. I'll provide an easy-to-follow tutorial to get you started with uploading to S3.

Sending Email With SendGrid and Elixir

Start sending composable emails using SendGrid and Elixir with just a few lines of code.

Using Elixometer With Phoenix

Quickly setup your Phoenix application to use Elixometer and start collecting metrics within your application.

Seeding Your Phoenix App For Different Mix Environments

Seed your Phoenix app's database with different data based on the Mix environment.

Authenticated Routes with Meteor and React Router

Protect your Meteor and React application by adding authenticated routes using React Router.

Meteor, React, And React Router Revisited

With the addition of an React Router package on Atmosphere, it's even easier to start using React React with React and Meteor.

Getting Started with Meteor, React, and React Router

A little bit about me

Test Configuration Settings in Play Framework

Separate your running application configuration from your test configuration for your Play Framework applications in Scala.

Authentication in Play Framework using Java

Add protected routes to your Play Framework application using the tools provided in the framework.