Ghost Theme Uploads Using Drone CI

Uploading a custom theme repetitively to Ghost on every new change can be tiresome. If you're using use Drone CI build your theme already, supercharge your workflow by automating the deployment of your theme using a Drone plugin.


Before you get started using the ghost-theme-upload plugin, you'll need a couple of things:

  1. A zipped up directory of your Ghost theme available to the file system during build steps in Drone
  2. An Admin API key to your Ghost blog

Generate an Admin API Key

To create a new Admin API key in Ghost, login to the admin panel. Click on Integrations in the Settings section.

Placement of the Integrations admin section.

From there, click on Add custom integration from the Custom Integrations sub-section.

Arrow pointing at place to click for new custom integration.

Give your new integration a name.

A dialog box prompting for a name for a new custom integration.

After creating the new integration, you'll be shown a configuration page for the integration. Copy the Admin API Key value to use for the plugin.

An arrow pointing to where the Admin API Key value is found on the integration's configuration page.

Adding the Build Step to Drone

To start uploading your theme, add a new build stop to your Drone pipeline using the plugin.

- name: upload
  image: alexgaribay/ghost-theme-upload:latest
      from_secret: ghost_admin_key

The plugin expects three settings to be provided:

  1. host - the Ghost blog you are targeting
  2. api_key - an Admin API key for the Ghost blog
  3. file_path - file path to the Ghost theme you want to upload

On your next push, your theme will be deployed to your blog.

Wrap Up

Adding automatic theme uploads with Drone is an easy win to improving your workflow. I hope it alleviates a paint point for you like it does for me. Feel free to check out the source code on GitHub.

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