Meteor, React, And React Router Revisited

Since my original post on using Meteor, React, and React Router, many things have changed in the past few months. Meteor 1.2 has been released and React is officially supported along with some other niceties for Meteor. Additionally, React Router has gone through a lot of API changes to

Getting Started with Meteor, React, and React Router

React.js and Meteor.js are great technologies for creating apps for the modern web. A recently announced feature with Meteor 1.2 is official React support. This means developers can now use React for handling client views without even needing to use Blaze or template files. I have spent

Test Configuration Settings in Play Framework

A common need when writing integration or unit tests is to have a different configuration than what would be used for production. Play Framework provides the FakeApplication class to assist with test configurations. It acts mostly the same as the normal Application class. When instantiating a new FakeApplication, we can

Authentication in Play Framework using Java

Play Framework is a great web framework for Java or Scala developers. It has a lot of great freatues baked in to help create amazing web applications. One aspect that most web applications have is the need for authentication for specific requests. Not surprisingly, Play has some tools at your


I've been spending some time learning about Meteor.js. It is a really neat web framework built on top of Node.js. It allows for easily creating real-time web apps build utilizing MongoDB as the data store. I suggest taking at look at the project at If

Octoflat Light

Since I've been asked by multiple people and since I wanted to make the theme more customizable for everyone, I've updated the theme to have a new color scheme. In doing so, I've made the theme easier for anyone to customize. If you don't like any of the colors that


I have created my first Octopress theme today called Octoflat. The theme is inspired by flat design. It uses Twitter Bootstrap and Designmodo's Flat UI. All the colors chosen are the colors listed on Flat-UI's demo page. Installing the theme As a submodule cd your_octopress_dir git submodule add

Fresh New Looks

Over the past two days, I've been reworking my website along with the design. I've been inspired a lot lately by flat design and how it looks. A lot of my inspiration came from Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 because I feel that the look is so elegant in

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