Hi. I'm Alex Garibay.

I'm an Elixir developer from Kansas City. I also make things at DockYard.

Getting Started with Meteor, React, and React Router

Test Configuration Settings in Play Framework

Separate your running application configuration from your test configuration for your Play Framework applications in Scala.

Authentication in Play Framework using Java

Add protected routes to your Play Framework application using the tools provided in the framework.


Meteor.js is an up and coming full-stack Node.js framework that has great real-time appeal.

Octoflat Light

With the popularity of Octoflat, Octoflat Light is a light-colored version of Octoflat with colors that can be customized.


Introducting Octoflat, an Octopress theme using Bootstrap and a flat UI design.

Fresh New Looks

New redesign inspired by Windows 8 and flat UI.