Creating a Prelaunch Email List With SendGrid and Phoenix

So you've decided to build an app with Elixir and Phoenix and want to create a landing page to capture email address and gauge interest. With SendGrid, it's easy to save emails to a marketing list that you can utilize later for when you're ready to launch.

Upload Files to S3 With Phoenix and Ex_Aws

A common feature many web applications need is the ability to take a file and upload it to Amazon S3. Luckily for us ex_aws along with Phoenix makes it very simple to add S3 uploads. I'll show you how to start uploading files with just a few lines of

Using Elixometer With Phoenix

Exometer is a great tool for collecting metrics within the Erlang ecosystem. It allows you to easily capture metrics in your application and push those metrics to an aggregator for you to view with pretty graphs. Recently Pinterest released Elixometer, a thin wrapper around Exometer, to make collecting metrics easier

Seeding Your Phoenix App For Different Mix Environments

By default when creating a new Phoenix app, a seed.exs file is automatically created for you in the priv/repo/ directory. Additionally, the mix.exs file has an alias for seeding your database that looks like this: defp aliases do [ "setup": ["ecto.create", "ecto.

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