Scaling Concurrency Without Getting Burned


ElixirConf 2018 - Bellevue, Washington USA


We all know Elixir is fast and scalable, but knowing how to leverage its strengths can be the difference between a fast program and one unrivaled by other platforms. Whether you're reaching for Tasks and GenServers, or wrangling data with Ecto, understanding subtle nuances of each tool is the key to avoiding bottlenecks and writing efficient applications.

Starting from real-world scenarios, we'll explore various OTP tricks and concurrency patterns to drive maximum performance. Along the way, we'll see how features built-in to Elixir and OTP can apply to applications from small to large. We'll also navigate the unexpected pitfalls that come with cheap concurrency and how to safeguard from each trap.

Whether you're an intermediate or seasoned Elixir developer, you'll leave with some new performance tricks and a mental model for writing highly concurrent applications.