Authenticated Routes with Meteor and React Router

With React Router and Meteor, it's very easy to create applications that have views that require an authenticated user. Meteor has helpful methods built in to check if the user is authenticated and the lifecycle of React components will help us manage what should be rendered. These two aspects together

Meteor, React, And React Router Revisited

Since my original post on using Meteor, React, and React Router, many things have changed in the past few months. Meteor 1.2 has been released and React is officially supported along with some other niceties for Meteor. Additionally, React Router has gone through a lot of API changes to

Getting Started with Meteor, React, and React Router

React.js and Meteor.js are great technologies for creating apps for the modern web. A recently announced feature with Meteor 1.2 is official React support. This means developers can now use React for handling client views without even needing to use Blaze or template files. I have spent

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